How Listening to Music Went from Nice to Can’t Live Without

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Listening to Music

Think about it—when was the last time you went a day without listening to music?

Even after contemplating for a complete and very intense 5 minutes, I do not have an answer.

Gone are those days when listening to music was a way of pastime, and only a source of entertainment during car rides or in movies.

If you are a Gen-Z, you will agree with this without even giving it a second thought: music isn’t just background noise anymore—it’s like oxygen, a total necessity for surviving the ups and downs of daily life.

If we were tortured with doing household chores during summer vacation by our moms, the only way to make it better would be to add music to it, and we wouldn’t have a problem.

Turning on Bluetooth, putting on those Air pods, bursting our favorite artist and music, and we are sorted for the moment.

Even Instagram reels and YouTube shorts are just better with music. The trends flow like waves crashing onto the shore and cascading back and new ones greet us. Just like that, music truly has a way of connecting the world.

Whether we’re chilling with friends, studying for exams, or just zoning out after a long day, music is always there to keep us company and keep our spirits lifted. It’s like having a best friend who knows exactly what to say (or sing) to make everything better.

Listening to Music

And let’s not forget about the power of a killer playlist to turn a mundane moment into a memorable one. Whether we’re cruising down the highway with the windows down and the music blasting, or having a solo dance party in our room (honestly, that is the BEST feeling ever), listening to music has this incredible ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

But it’s not just about the beats and melodies—it’s also about the stories behind the songs, the emotions they evoke, and the connections they foster. From breakup anthems that help us heal our hearts to empowerment tracks that make us feel like we can take on the world, listening to music has a way of speaking to our souls and making us feel seen, heard, and understood.

Of course, there are those times when that one song dictates that current era of your life, perfectly spot on! It’s like the universe orchestrated its creation just for you!

So, the next time you find yourself reaching for those headphones or cranking up the volume, remember that you’re not just listening to music—you’re tapping into a powerful force that can unite, uplift, and inspire us all.

With love and lyrics,

Uditi Kasliwal

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