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Yesterday, I was about to post my first blog for teenagers, when I hit pause on my action and for a moment (or rather 20 minutes), pondered as to how it would be better if before I started posting as a teenage blogger, I should first introduce myself to the world.

For those of you who know me well enough, I know you know how obsessed I am with this picture of mine that I can’t stop using at every opportunity I get (I also know that you are fed up of me because of this, but well….sorry).

As complex as a personality I am, I will try my best to make life simpler for both you and me.

Describe yourself.

This question somehow pops out to be the first in every interview you analyze. When I think about it, instead of triggering an answer of me boasting about myself to this question, it rather triggers an adrenaline rush.

Because I feel like I still don’t really know myself. Who am I really? Who is Uditi? If I had to describe myself in one statement, believe me, I would start stuttering (badly).

I am sure a lot of you also feel that way and want to make a path for yourself in life that will help you to identify and resonate with your true self- the REAL YOU.

I believe I have found one way to solve my problem: Mindful Prattles.

The more I will share with the world, the more that will come back to me. And in the midst of all that, maybe I will find my true self too.

So here I am, officially introducing myself to you as the founder of Mindful Prattles, and I am determined to make it one of the top website for teenagers (with your support, I am sure I can and will do it)!


Here I go:

Did you just hear the most hilarious pronunciation of the most common Hindi words? Or hear somebody loudly proclaim that they sleep 12 hours a day?- chances are you have stumbled upon me. Let me start with the most boring and slowly sprinkle the fun.

Name: Uditi Kasliwal

Age: 14

Habitat (sounds so scientific): Mumbai, India

School: Ajmera Global School

Why I started this site for teenagers?: go back to the previous blog post (why mindful prattles?) for a detailed answer but here it is in a nutshell- as a 14-year-old, as I navigate through the adversities and joys of this world, I am ready to showcase my everyday experiences and learnings. Here’s to embracing the wonders of every day and uncovering the unique chapters that make up our narratives. Stay tuned for a greater insight into my life!

Personality: adaptable (I can switch from being in a hot to cold desert in a jiffy, just kidding), sardonic (the brother who I have been roasting for years would agree), eccentric (people say I have migrated from Mars), diplomatic (I take pride in being a political and tactful person), astute (no explanations needed). Hope you enjoyed the vocabulary session.

Quirks: known as the most photogenic person in the world; has an unbelievably and strangely good memory; obsessed with giving funny speeches; is believed to be super kind; sunset-lover; occasionally prone to getting lost in thought mid-conversation, only to emerge with a newfound insight or idea; has a knack of sleeping throughout the day (but somehow I am nocturnal); loves adding extra letters after wordssssss.

Guilty pleasure: watching the same movies/series again at least* 10 times (and I am not kidding)

Hobbies/Interests: sleeping (like I mentioned before), blogging to be one of the top teenage bloggers in India (a newbie), dancing, reading, and the best one, gossiping with my mom.

Fav food: Mumbai’s Vada Pav (Mumbai is very important there); anytime, anywhere. drink? Iced coffee, or even better, water

My most used emojis: communication with emojis is the best, and I am sure all the Gen-Z out there would agree. The people I talk to can answer this question for me without thinking but since it is 1:16 am and I have no one to ask, here they are – the laughing emo 😂, the salute emo (I can’t find it), and the crying emo 😭.

Fav colour: my all-time and one and only favourite has been in everything 🖤 <3

Mission: to create a space where individuals can explore creativity, positivity, and mindfulness in all aspects of life; to spread joy, optimism, and compassion in a world that often feels chaotic and uncertain; to celebrate individuality and the shared experiences that make us who we are. 

I am positive that this top teenager website will assist me in achieving this goal and sharing a message that I hope will benefit many of us on our journey.

And that’s it.

Hope y’all enjoyed 🙂

Feel free to ask any fun questions in the comments below to expose me better!

This is not even a fraction of my life, and I hope to showcase more of my teenage blogger personality through blog posts on this top teenager website as I share my experiences, adventures, and life snippets in these teenager blogs. Don’t forget to stay on a rolllll.

Uditi Kasliwal
Crew Member – Mindful Prattles
Teenage Blogger